Cycling Jersey Design

BAS Cycle Challenge

Cycling jersey design for the charity event “BAS Construction Partnership Cycle Challenge.”

Being part of this project was such a pleasure from start to end for three reasons.

First of all, I’m a big fan of pro-cycling. And I was so excited about designing a cycling jersey to be worn for a 95-mile cycle challenge.

Secondly, it was the British Antarctic Survey. I feel big respect for every single member of the team and unstoppable love for the far-cold-environments, penguins, icebergs, sublime light…

And third, my dad was one of the riders. Shared excitement! I was lucky to have someone around as a semi-pro cyclist, and as a client. I have had the chance to discuss the concept, the colours and the traffic conditions with him throughout the design process.

In the end, I designed my very first cycling jersey which everyone was happy to wear, even the ones who didn’t participate in the challenge. I thank The Cycle Jersey for quality printing and excellent customer support.

In June 2017, BAS Construction Partnership cycled from Cambridge to the Hague (95 miles in total) to support Owl Bikes (Opportunity Without Limits), who is part of the Papworth Trust. The event raised more than £2,700 for Owl Bikes, who recycle and refurbish donated or unwanted bikes for members of the public to buy.

You may read the related article on the BAM Nuttall’s website.

British Antarctic Survey is the United Kingdom’s national Antarctic operation and part of the Natural Environment Research Council.


Client: BAS Construction Partnership (British Antarctic Survey, NERC, BamNuttall, Ramboll)
Charities: Owl Bikes, Papworth Trust
Jersey Design by Merve Goulding

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