Eureka Training

I was commissioned to design the logo and business cards for Eureka Training.

Design | Branding

Carl, the founder and instructor at Eureka Training, chose the brush script version, roundly framed with the subtitle “Health and Safety Training”, out of 5 hand-sketched logo concepts. 

His preferred colour was blue in the project brief. But he also mentioned that lifesaving colours are red and yellow. Keeping the use cases in mind (such as T-shirts), I used red and white as the primary colours, supported with dark blue when needed; and came up with two digital versions. Carl loved one of those, and after a few tiny tweaks, his logo was ready. 

The next step was designing business cards. Carl wanted to list the courses on one side of the card and contact information on the other. Again, keeping the use cases and brand recognition in mind, we decided to use both colour and white-on-red versions on the cards.


Client: Carl Goulding, Eureka Training
Services: Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design

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